Welcome to unsyiana@usk_lib. This is a repository of Syiah Kuala University consisting of Resource of Excellence and Institutional Repository. This repository is managed by Central Library of Syiah Kuala University.

  1. Resource of Excellence is a collection of excelent papers written by researchers of Syiah Kuala University that have been published in international journal and indexed by well-known scientific indexes.
  2. e-Journal is a colection of papers from e-journal published in Syiah Kuala Universityi
  3. ETD is a collection of theses and dissertation writen by under graduate and postgraduate students of Syiah Kuala University
  4. Tsunami Memoir is a collection of memoir of tsunami related to Syiah Kuala University. This collection is managed by TDMRC, a research unit and Central Library, Syiah Kuala University
  5. Institutional Repostitory is a collection of various types documents produced by and related to Syiah Kuala University. All documents are open accessed.