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Energy Poverty


This book is the direct result of nearly five years of work on the Energy Vulnerability and Urban Transitions in Europe project (, generously
supported by a Starting Grant from the European Research Council—under the European Union’s Seventh Framework
Programme (FP7/2007–2013/ERC grant agreement number 313478). The project, commonly known under the acronym
EVALUATE (Energy Vulnerability and
Urban Transitions in Europe project), has sought to transform scientific knowledge and policy action on energy poverty—a
form of material deprivation that affects
billions of people across the world.
EVALUATE is a multi-sited study, involving extensive research across a variety of cities and countries. Focusing primarily on four Central and Eastern European cities (Budapest, Gdań sk, Prague and Skopje) the project has undertaken a customized survey
with 2435 households, supplemented
with insights from in-depth household interviews, ‘energy diaries’ and energy
efficiency audits in the homes of approximately 160 households living in the four cities. EVALUATE has entailed 195 expert interviews in a much wider range of sites across the world, as well as an analysis
of micro-data from national and European
Union surveys of energy poverty. It has led to more than 200 dissemination activities, while laying the basis for the European
Energy Poverty Observatory as well as a new European Co-operation for Science and Technology Action on ‘European Energy
Poverty: Agenda Co-Creation and Knowledge Innovation’.


Stefan Bouzarovski


Palgave Macmillan


Cut Rita Zahara


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