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Bio-Inspired Sensory Systems
Using natural sensory system concepts to develop and improve sensory systems will continue to thrive for many years to come. Technology advances rapidly (Moore’s Law) as does our understanding of biological principles and designs. These trends fuel…

Solid-state lasers offer unique qualities in terms of flexibility, robustness, efficiency, and wavelength diversity. For these reasons, they are nowadays irreplaceable tools in many scientific and industrial applications. The engineering of new…

Optimization in Control Applications
Mathematical optimization is the selection of the best element in a set with respect to a given criterion. Optimization has become one of the most-used tools in modern control theory for computing the control law, adjusting the controller parameters…

Audio Signal Processing
Audio signal processing is a highly active research field where digital signal processing theory meets human sound perception and real-time programming requirements. It has a wide range of applications in computers, gaming, and music technology, to…
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