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Teaching Math for Emergent Bilinguals: Building on Culture, Language, and Identity
This book is designed for pre-service/in-service teachers and others who will work or work with K–12 students who have linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds, especially students of other languages (English language learners/Emergent…

Building the Foundation: Whole Numbers in the Primary Grades: The 23rd ICMI Study
This twenty-third ICMI Study addresses for the first time mathematics teaching and learning in the primary school (and pre-school) setting, while also taking international perspectives, socio-cultural diversity and institutional constraints into…

Attitudes, Beliefs, Motivation and Identity in Mathematics Education: An Overview of the Field and Future Directions
This book records the state of the art in research on mathematics-related affect. It discusses the concepts and theories of mathematics-related affect along the lines of three dimensions. The first dimension identifies three broad categories of…

Assessment in Mathematics Education: Large-Scale Assessment and Classroom Assessment
This book provides an overview of current research on a variety of topics related to both large-scale and classroom assessment. First, the purposes, traditions and principles of assessment are considered, with particular attention to those common to…

Quantitative Research Methods for Political Science, Public Policy and Public Administration (With Applications in R): 3rd Edition
The focus of this book is on using quantitative research methods to test hypotheses and build theory in political science, public policy and public administration. It is designed for advanced undergraduate courses, or introductory and intermediate…
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