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807 Education, Research, Related Topics

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Surface and Subtext: Literature, Research, Writing - Third Edition
We know literature when we see it. The novels you were assigned to read in high school such as
The Grapes of Wrath or To Kill a Mockingbird are literature; the poems of Langston Hughes and United
States Poet Laureate Joy Harjo are literature; Romeo…

University Academic Writing for International Students: A Usage-based Approach
This resource is designed specifically to meet the academic writing needs of international students studying at universities in the United States. The materials in the book can be covered within a 14-week semester, but each chapter or section may…

Thinking Rhetorically: Writing for Professional and Public Audiences
Thinking Rhetorically: Writing in Professional and Public Contexts is dedicated to introducing students to a lifelong commitment of engaging with these problems that matter. As an academic discipline, Writing Studies’ contribution to engaging with…

Web Writing - First Edition
Web Writing - First Edition

Bad Ideas About Writing
We intend this work to be less a bestiary of bad ideas about writing than an effort to name bad ideas and suggest better ones. Some of those bad ideas are quite old, such as the archetype of the inspired genius author, the five-paragraph essay, or…

Open Technical Writing: An Open-Access Text for Instruction in Technical and Professional Writing
This book presents technical writing as an approach to researching and carrying out writing that centers on technical subject matter. Each and every chapter is devoted to helping students understand that good technical writing is situationally-aware…

Writing for Electronic Media
Writing for Electronic Media, an OER textbook. OER stands for Open Educational Resource, which means it’s free for all who access. Since it is electronic, I will do what I can to keep it updated with the changing media. People’s viewing habits are…

Let's Get Writing
This introduction is designed to exemplify how writers think about and produce text. The guiding features are the following:

Every good piece of writing is an argument.
Everything worth writing and reading begins with a specific…
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