593 Miscellaneous Marine & Seashore Invertebrates

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593 Miscellaneous Marine & Seashore Invertebrates

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Key Concepts in Public Archaeology<br /><br />
This book provides a broad overview of the key concepts in public archaeology, a research field that examines the relationship between archaeology and the public, in both theoretical and practical terms. While based on the long-standing programme of…

Coastal Lagoons in Europe: Integrated Water Resource Strategies
Lagoons represent nearly 13% of the shoreline globally and around 5% in Europe. Coastal lagoons are shallow water bodies separated from the ocean by a barrier (e.g., narrow spit), connected at least intermittently to the ocean by one or more…

Beyond Waters: Archaeology and Environmental History of the Amazonian Inland
This book is one of the outcomes of the project Cultivated Wilderness: Socio-economic development and environmental change in pre-Columbian Amazonia (http://www.cultivated-wilderness.org/). The project has particularly focused on the previously…
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