210 Philosophy & Theory of Religion

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210 Philosophy & Theory of Religion

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Critical Perspectives on Interreligious Education
In Experiments in Empathy: Critical Reflections on Interreligious Education, the contributors provide a roadmap for practicing and developing innovative ways to teach religion that promotes interfaith understanding and cooperation. Readership: All…

Abrahamic Reflections on Randomness and Providence
This open access book addresses the question of how God can providentially govern apparently ungovernable randomness. Medieval theologians confidently held that God is provident, that is, God is the ultimate cause of or is responsible for everything…

Debating Humanity Towards a Philosophical Sociology<br /><br />
The question 'what is a human being?' remains one of the most vexing intellectual tasks. Debating Humanity reconstructs how contemporary sociologists and philosophers – among others, Arendt, Taylor, Archer and Boltanski – understand the key…
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