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Becoming Muslim in Imperial Russia
Winner of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies' Reginald Zelnik Book Prize in History. Through close study of Russian, Eurasian, and Central Asian ethnographic, administrative, literary, and missionary sources, this book…

Critical Perspectives on Interreligious Education
In Experiments in Empathy: Critical Reflections on Interreligious Education, the contributors provide a roadmap for practicing and developing innovative ways to teach religion that promotes interfaith understanding and cooperation. Readership: All…

JEJAK DAKWAH<br /><br />
Di Museum Islam Samudra Pasai<br /><br />
Sultan Malikussaleh atau Sultan Malik as-Saleh adalah seorang pemimpin,
negarawan sejati. Saat kerajaan Islam Samudra Pasai mencapai puncak kemajuan,
Aceh gemilang dengan kemajuan peradaban ilmu pengetahuan yang tinggi.
Rakyat hidup rukun dan…

Abrahamic Reflections on Randomness and Providence
This open access book addresses the question of how God can providentially govern apparently ungovernable randomness. Medieval theologians confidently held that God is provident, that is, God is the ultimate cause of or is responsible for everything…

Sounding Islam<br /><br />
Voice, Media, and Sonic Atmospheres in an Indian Ocean World
Sounding Islam provides a provocative account of the sonic dimensions of religion, combining perspectives from the anthropology of media and sound studies, as well as drawing on neo-phenomenological approaches to atmospheres. Using long-term…

Islamic Shangri-La. Inter-Asian Relations and Lhasa’s Muslim Communities, 1600 to 1960
David Atwill transports readers to the heart of the Himalayas as he traces the rise of the Tibetan Muslim community from the seventeenth century to the mid-twentieth century. Radically altering popular interpretations that have portrayed Tibet as…

Debating Humanity Towards a Philosophical Sociology<br /><br />
The question 'what is a human being?' remains one of the most vexing intellectual tasks. Debating Humanity reconstructs how contemporary sociologists and philosophers – among others, Arendt, Taylor, Archer and Boltanski – understand the key…
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