153 Conscious Mental Processes & Intelligence

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153 Conscious Mental Processes & Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence and Librarianship
Courses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Librarianship in ALA-accredited Masters of Library and Information (MLIS) degrees are rare. We have all been surprised by ChatGPT and similar Large Language Models. Generative AI is an important new area…

Problem Solving in Teams and Groups
This textbook covers content relevant to COMS342: Problem Solving in Teams and Groups at the University of Kansas. Content in this textbook is adapted from The Open University, OpenStax, The Noba Project, and Wikipedia. Each chapter presents the…

Contemporary Bioethics<br /><br />
Islamic Perspective
The present study undertakes to examine biomedical issues as they have emerged in the last three decades. In the Muslim world, as in any part of the globe, advancements in biomedical technology has meant a number of new issues in the medical…

Supporting Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities &amp; Mental Illness
Research leading to the creation of this book was funded by Alberta Health Services and Alberta Human Services
as part of the Collaborative Research Grant Initiative: Mental Wellness in Seniors and Persons with Disabilities
and by the Athabasca…
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