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Contemporary Issues in Collection Management
This edited, openly licensed, textbook examines several different issues in collection management. Topics covered include physical vs. digital collections; the impact of BookTok on collections; challenges to 2SLGBTQ+ collections ; ebook licensing;…

International Libraries: An Open Textbook
International Libraries: An Open Textbook is a reference sourcebook about the libraries and the field of librarianship in non-North American countries around the world. Each chapter in this volume includes a profile of a featured country’s variety of…

Cataloging with MARC, RDA, and Classification Systems
This book goes over a wide range of cataloging schemata, tools, and norms. It presents a concise but thorough view of the basics of library cataloging practice.

Introduction to Library and Information Science
This book explores the history, present, and future of library science, both in theory and in practice. It examines the place of the librarian as arbiter of information access in a constantly-changing and modernizing global community

Library 160: Introduction to College-Level Research
You will learn how scholarly information is produced, organized, and accessed; how to construct and use effective search strategies in a variety of web tools and scholarly databases; how to choose finding tools appropriate to the type of information…

Library and Information Sciences: Trends and Research
This book explores the development, trends and research of library and information sciences (LIS) in the digital age. Inside, readers will find research and case studies written by LIS experts, educators and theorists, most of whom have visited…

Access to Online Resources: A Guide for the Modern Librarian
The book offers a concise guide for librarians, helping them understand the challenges, processes and technologies involved in managing access to online resources. After an introduction the book presents cases of general authentication and…

OER: A Field Guide for Academic Librarians
We intend this book to act as a guide writ large for would-be champions of OER, that anyone—called to
action by the example set by our chapter authors—might serve as guides themselves. The following chapters
tap into the deep experience of…

The Information Literacy User’s Guide: An Open
Good researchers have a host of tools at their disposal that make navigating today’s complex information ecosystem much more manageable. Gaining the knowledge, abilities, and self-reflection necessary to be a good researcher helps not only in…
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