320 Political Science (Politics & Government)

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320 Political Science (Politics & Government)

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Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance by de Kluyver is a primer on corporate governance. It is designed to help students understand corporate governance by looking at the subject from both a macro- and micro-perspective.

Historical data and examples including the…

Reconsidering Constitutional Formation I National Sovereignty: A Comparative Analysis of the Juridification by Constitution
This open access book can be downloaded from link.springer.comLegal studies and consequently legal history focus on constitutional documents, believing in a nominalist autonomy of constitutional semantics. Reconsidering Constitutional Formation in…

Knowledge in the Age of Digital Capitalism:  An Introduction to  Cognitive Materialism<br /><br />

Knowledge in the Age of Digital Capitalism proposes a new critical theory concerning the functioning of capitalism and how we consider knowledge and information. This ambitious book systematically and lucidly introduces contemporary phenomena into…

Palgrave Studies in Disability and International <br /><br />
This open access book introduces the human development model to define disability and map its links with health and wellbeing, based on Sen’s capability approach. The author uses panel survey data with internationally comparable questions on…
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