070 News Media, Journalism & Publishing

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070 News Media, Journalism & Publishing

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Power, Profit, and Privilege: Problematizing Scholarly Publishing
This open course introduces students to the scholarly communications system — with particular emphasis on the scholarly journal publishing mechanism — wherein new information is created, evaluated, disseminated, and preserved.

Documentary Making for Digital Humanists
This fluent and comprehensive field guide responds to increased interest, across the humanities, in the ways in which digital technologies can disrupt and open up new research and pedagogical avenues. It is designed to help scholars and students…

1.1 Why Study Journalism?
• Describe the purpose of the press.
• Explain the Founding Fathers’ motive for the First Amendment.
• Relate the watchdog role of a free press and its impact on society.
• Relate the role of a citizen in a democracy.
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