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612 Human Physiology

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Anatomy Quizbook: for students studying or intending to study medicine
Anatomy Quizbook is an interactive learning book that will help students and tutors – indeed anyone interested in anatomy – learn, test and improve their knowledge of the human body.Readers are presented with carefully selected questions and diagrams…

Calcium Signaling in Human Health and Diseases
Intracellular Ca2+ signals regulate a myriad of cellular functions, ranging from short-term responses, such as excitation-contraction coupling and stimulus-secretion coupling, to long-term processes, such as proliferation, gene expression,…

Mathematics for Healthcare
Appropriate mathematical tools and methodologies are critical for ensuring robust and reliable computational model predictions based on medical and healthcare data in the era of the digital health revolution (Duggal et al., 2018). Patient-specific…

The Impact of Systems Medicine on Human Health and Disease
Complex diseases including diabetes, neurological disorders and cancer are results from a combination of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors, and development of new prognostic tools for the treatment of such diseases requires a deep…
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